The 200 Club of Bergen County is now accepting nominations for the J. Fletcher Creamer, Sr. Annual Valor Awards Dinner, which will be held on Wednesday, October 9, 2024, at The Venetian in Garfield. The deadline for applications is Friday, July 12, 2024. This award ceremony will be for incidents that occurred from September of 2023 through our deadline of July 12th.

Please use the following form to submit nominations (we encourage the submission of supplemental material as necessary):

2024 Valor Awards Nomination Form

Please note the following:
    • The person making the nomination must sign the completed form.
    • Please provide as much background material including the incident report, newspaper articles, etc.
    • If additional information on the incident becomes available after your submission, please send it to us.
    • The Valor Awards Committee will screen the applications and may request additional information and/or an interview with the nominee/nominees.

The 200 Club annually considers each nomination for one of four awards:
    1. Valor Award – The Valor Award is presented to an individual who has performed an act of bravery, beyond the call of duty, at imminent personal risk to his or her own life and safety, with full knowledge of the risk involved.
    2. Meritorious Service Award – The Meritorious Service Award is presented to an individual who knowingly performs an act demonstrating a high level of courage under perilous conditions that is a credit to him or her and their agency.
    3. Distinguished Service Award – The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual who performs an act of outstanding bravery under conditions of personal risk to their own life and safety and beyond their duties.
    4. John R. Rinaldi Special Recognition Award – Outstanding Service and dedication awarded to an individual or group/unit.


Please call Jennifer or Joanne at (201) 229-0600 should you have any questions.