Shining A Spotlight On Those First Responders Who Serve Us – Thank  you!

The 200 Club of Bergen County would like to give a sincere “Note of Thanks” to all of our First Responders working through this very difficult time. They are all deserving of our gratitude and our support in any way that we can show it.

We will be periodically highlighting First Responder Departments in Bergen County to thank them individually and to give them the recognition they deserve as they lead the fight – at great risk to themselves – against Covid-19

Wallington Fire Department

The Wallington Fire Department (WDF) wears many hats to serve its community. Sitting down and talking with former Fire Chief Bob Ventura, who was Chief in 2020, I found there are many components that make up the WFD. As Bob explained “Besides our 3 Company’s, all of which were organized more than 100 years ago, our department also umbrellas a Rescue Team, the Emergency Medical Ambulance Corps, and a Scuba Team. We have about 90…


Lyndhurst Police Department

This “Note of Thanks” is posting at a time when we have more than a pandemic to deal with here in the United States. I had the opportunity to reach out to the Lyndhurst Police Department and interviewed Acting Lieutenant Paul Higgins as well as Police Chief Richard Jarvis a few weeks ago. As much as this article is about how the Covid-19 pandemic affected their department and community, it is their words that are far more reaching than just about the pandemic.


Westwood Volunteer Ambulance Corps

One of their members and current Crew Chief for the WVAC is Linda Andresen. I had the honor of speaking with Linda regarding her experience being a volunteer during this Covid-19 time. The Westwood Volunteer Ambulance Corps (WVAC) keeps busy as their town continues to grow and change. Back in 1935 when the WVAC was first formed, things were a little quieter. However, as in the past, the WVAC members serve because they care.


Hackensack Fire Department

Today, we would like to specifically thank and recognize the Hackensack Fire Department. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with the department’s Chief, Thomas Freeman. The City of Hackensack has a long rich American History. Settled in the 1600s, it was also the headquarters for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War in 1776. Now the County Seat, Hackensack is the home to the County’s Judiciary & County Government.


Ft. Lee Police Department

Today, we would like to specifically thank and recognize the Ft.Lee Police Department. The Ft. Lee Police Department has a roster of 90 plus members. Ft. Lee has 37,000 plus residents in 2.9 square miles, a very busy business district with shops and restaurants, and is the location of incoming and outgoing traffic to the George Washington Bridge, one of the busiest bridge crossings in the United States. Thus, the task of policing Ft. Lee is challenging on a good day!


Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corp

Today, we would like to specifically thank and recognize the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corp (TVAC). TVAC is one of the largest all-volunteer organizations in Bergen County with approximately 120 members strong! We recently reached out to Ms. Jamie Elkin, a lifetime member of TVAC. The following is what we learned.