Thirty-Five Years Strong

Over 35 years ago, a Detroit businessman elicited generous responses when he asked 100 business friends to contribute $200 each to the family of a young police officer who was fatally wounded in the line of duty. This was the origin of the 200 Club.

Each 200 Club in the United States is independent of the other. In the early 1980s, former N.J. State Police Superintendent Colonel Clinton Pagano made several attempts to start a 200 Club in Bergen County, all of which failed – until he introduced the idea to J. Fletcher Creamer Sr.

Mr. Fletcher Creamer Sr., an influential businessman renowned for his involvement in civic affairs, took the lead and personally signed up the first 80 members in 1985.

The 200 Club of Bergen County now stands as one of the largest 200 Clubs with over 1200 members and growing. While the 200 Club of Bergen County’s members are its lifeblood, the organization’s past and current presidents, executive board members and trustees volunteer a great deal of time and effort to ensure that the club remains true to its mission.

We continually work to improve upon the support that the club provides to our police, fire and emergency service personnel throughout the county of Bergen. From founder J. Fletcher Creamer Sr. all the way through to the current president, Jack Terhune and the present Board of Trustees, they continue to make significant contributions to the advancement of the 200 Club of Bergen County.

Colonel Clinton Pagano


J. Fletcher Creamer Sr.