Action Program

More than $400,000 in Death Benefits and other financial support to fallen and severely injured public servants.

Appropriations Program

The 200 Club is proud to have supported Bergen County’s Fire, Police, and EMS departments through our Appropriations Program for the past 35 years. Awarding over $1 million dollars in grant money, we have helped to secure needed equipment and programs to enable our dedicated First Responders to perform their jobs more safely and efficiently. These are just a small portion of Departments that received grant money.

  • The Westwood Volunteer Ambulance Corps received a matching grant to help in the purchase of a Vital Signs Monitor which allows for continuous measurement of the patients vitals during transport.
  • Township of Washington Volunteer Fire Department received full funding for a Jack Stabilization System and Crash Bag kit. These jacks are used to gain quick access to accident victim’s that are trapped in the vehicle which involves extrication and vehicle stabilization. This kit is quickly deployed and operated.
  • Northvale Police Department received start- up funding for their development of a Junior Police Academy. This program is geared for Grade 7 and 8 with a criteria that inspires young people in good citizenship by educating them about the Criminal Justice system.
  • Teaneck Police Department received a matching grant to help in the funding to upgrade the radio communications where issues of “dead zones” existed, plaguing police officers, ambulance members and other personnel while in the new Emergency Department of Holy Name Medical Center.
  • Hackensack Fire Department received a grant for the purchase of a Fire Curtain. The sealing of a failed window with a Fire Curtain eliminates the Blow-Torch of oxygen fulling fire down public hallways of Residential Apartment and Office Buildings three stores or higher.
  • Lyndhurst Fire Department received a matching grant for a T4 Thermal Imaging Camera. This piece of equipment allows firefighters to see areas of heat through smoke, darkness and or heat-permeable barriers.

Scholarship Program

In 1988 The 200 Club of Bergen County awarded its first scholarships to four (4) students here in Bergen County. Since then the 200 Club has awarded over $1.5 million in scholarships to a diverse group of high school seniors.

For 2020, there are two different scholarships available:

  • The Affiliation Scholarship
  • The 200 Club of Bergen County Member Scholarship

This year, 2020, we will be awarding Six (6) $5,000 Affiliation Scholarships and two (2) $2,500 200 Club of Bergen County Member Scholarships.

The Affiliation Scholarship:

If you are affiliated with Law Enforcement, Fire or Emergency Medical, please review the 2020 Chiefs and Captains Affiliation and Member Scholarships Information; it outlines the AFFILIATION application.

If you are with a School District, please review the 2020 Guidance Department Affiliation Scholarship Information. For your student/s to apply for the AFFILIATION scholarship they must have a parent or guardian with Affiliation to the disciplines or they themselves serve with an Ambulance Corps or Fire Auxiliary, prior to September 2019.

The 200 Club of Bergen County Member Scholarship:

If you are a member of the 200 Club of Bergan County in good standing for more than three (3) years with a graduating high school senior in 2020 and you have NO AFFILIATION to Law Enforcement, Fire Services or Emergency Medical please review the 2020 Chiefs and Captains Affiliation and Member Scholarships Information. Again, THIS IS ONLY FOR THE CHILDREN OF MEMBERS OF THE 200 CLUB OF BERGEN COUNTY WITH NO AFFILIATION.

2020 Chiefs and Captains Affiliation and Member Scholarships Information

2020 Guidance Department Affiliation Scholarship Information

2020 Affiliation Scholarship Application

2020 Member Scholarship Application

Should you have ANY questions please do not hesitate to contact our office and speak with Joanne or Andrea at 201-229-0600.

Valor Awards Program

The 200 Club of Bergen County Valor Awards Ceremony is our opportunity to recognize the men and women that have given of themselves above and beyond the call of duty in the service of Law Enforcement, Fire or Emergency Medical Services. Since 1987, the 200 Club has honored more than 500 individuals that have given of themselves unselfishly. The categories of awards are:

  • Valor Award – An act of bravery, beyond the call of duty, and imminent personal risk to his or her own life and safety, with full knowledge of the risk involved. The 200 Club Valor pin is the only pin allowed to be worn on the uniform of a New Jersey State Police officer outside of their own awards.
  • Meritorious Service Award – An act demonstrating a high level of courage under perilous conditions that is a credit to him or her and their agency.
  • Distinguished Service Award – An act of outstanding bravery under conditions of personal risk to their own life and safety and beyond their duties.
  • John R. Rinaldi Special Recognition Award – Outstanding Service and dedication to an individual or group.

Our Valor Awards Ceremony is also a time to reflect upon those individuals that have served the community of Bergen with honor, but tragically are no longer with us.

Our first Chairman, Mr. J. Fletcher Creamer Sr., began the 200 Club in 1985. It was his conviction and dedication to making sure that Bergen County was represented with a 200 Club and that we would uphold the mission of “Serving our Servants.”

9-11 WTC Fund

Raised more than $300,000 for Bergen County public servants affected by September 11th.

9-11 Memorial & Wall of Heroes Memorial

Located at the Law and Public Safety Institute in Mahwah both memorials honor all of our Bergen County public servants who lost their lives in the service to others.