A “Tip of the Helmet” for Exceptional Service to the Fire Service Community. Since the inception of the 200 Club of Bergen County their contributions to the fire service has been incredible. Over the years the 200 Club has assisted the families of fallen firefighters, funding college scholarships for firefighter’s children; and aiding local fire departments with emergency equipment has been a tremendous benefit to all.

Recently for the September 11th Tenth Anniversary, the 200 Club supported the efforts of the Bergen County Fire Chiefs Association to honor those who have fallen that day; the First Responders; the 146 Citizens of Bergen; and the U.S. Military Members who gave their lives during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

– Jack. J. Murphy, Bergen County Fire Chiefs Association

During my undergraduate years at Harvard, the 200 Club’s scholarship contributed to a much needed financial aid package that allowed me to pursue studies in history and health policy. The two years after graduation further paved my professional path in health as I worked at the New York State Health Foundation, where my contribution to the field ranged from co-authoring public health publications to developing strategic priority area recommendations to expand primary care capacity and access. Shortly thereafter, I chose to continue my work in the health field through a professional degree-granting program, and I am now currently enrolled in my first year of graduate school at Columbia University, where I am pursuing a master of public health degree through the department of health policy and management.

– Normandy W. Villa, Scholarship Recipient

I have had the pleasure of being the liaison for the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps with the 200 Club for the past few years. We have benefited from the appropriations from much needed pagers for our members to respond to multiple calls from home/work to a portable oximeter to assist us in our assessments of patients. The support from the Club is priceless and I can’t put into words the appreciation and gratitude I feel.

– Angelae Wilkerson, Teaneck Ambulance Volunteer

The Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen County have been a representative of Bergen County law enforcement for the past 21 years. Our strong roots of Irish ancestry and occupations as law enforcement officers, brought together a small group of police officers in 1992, to form a bagpipe band to represent the Bergen County law enforcement community. Today, that idea has evolved into a Bergen County tradition and has made the band one of the most recognized police bagpipe bands in the United States. For the past 21 years, the Bergen County 200 Club’s past and present leadership have made a commitment to our members and organization which has allowed us to continue and strive to be one of the most successful law enforcement bagpipe bands in the world. This continued commitment has established into strong foundation between both organizations and has allowed the Bergen County 200 Club to be recognized as a “partner and brother” in their continued support of the law enforcement community of Bergen County.

– Ret. Police Officer Brian McKeever, Bandmaster

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